Your Goals

Metzler Captive Solutions actively engages with clients to simultaneously achieve four core objectives through the formation of their privately-owned insurance company.

  1. Lowering the cost of  existing premiums in traditional insurance program (but NOT replacing such programs);
  2. Providing a robust risk management vehicle to effectively and efficiently address uninsured and underinsured risks;
  3. Stabilizing risk and insurance budgets and financing such costs over a calculated longer-time horizon; and
  4. Developing a capital planning vehicle to support owner wealth accumulation.

The financial goals of most organizations, revolve around:

i.   minimizing financial loss or risk;
ii.  optimizing tax burden; and
iii. facilitating strategic growth.

Metzler Captive Solutions, can facilitate those objectives of your company, by realizing the following benefits:

i.   Efficiently fill any insurance gaps in your traditional coverages;
ii.  Lower the cost of your traditional commercial insurance;
iii. Provide a vehicle for a tax efficient transfer of profits to your company’s owners; and

iv. Offer a more comprehensive alternative risk management program.

What are your corporate goals?  Chances are, we can help.